The History of the Batmobile

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1992 Batmobile

Bat Mite is a character dating back to the 1950s; a magical being from another dimension that always tried to help Batman but usually ended up causing more trouble. He was among the many "campy" features that were written out once Batman became darker and more serious. He did arrive one more time in 1992's "Legends of the Dark Mite" story, as the product of a drug addict's hallucination.

The addict relays his tale of Bat Mite to a dubious Batman while incarcerated at Arkham. Immediately afterward, Batman has a talk with Gordon and leaves the scene in this unique Batmobile. Drawn to resemble a monster tractor, it features a narrow main fuselage with a massive jet engine and a set of knobby, oversized tires. The bat-mask on the nose has embedded headlights, and the cowl has a supercharger scoop suggesting a reciprocating engine.

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