The History of the Batmobile

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1958 Batmobile

By the late 50s, the "bubble dome" Batmobile had been around for a while, and artists were starting to add their own unique take on the design. One good example is the above car, based on the 1957 Chrysler 300C. While the overall aesthetic remained - the bubble windshield, the battering ram, the central roof fin - the car featured headlights, fenders, bumpers, and other details straight from Detroit, to give the car a more up-to-date look. One other notable feature of this car is the roofline; while the general design of the Batmobile had gone towards a roofless look (with the bubble sitting on top of the main body), this car has a more integrated roof, more like Batmobiles of the early 1950s.

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