The History of the Batmobile

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2005 - 2008

2005 Batmobile

The season 3 episode RPM introduced Gearhead, a villain with a flair for high-speed driving and nanotechnology. The previous Batmobile couldn't keep pace with Gearhead's car, and ended up losing control and going over a cliff. Knowing he needed a car to take down Gearhead, Batman pushed forward on one of his alternate Batmobile prototypes.

The new Batmobile was built from the ground up, centered around an experimental Wayne Tech "EXP" engine prototype. The overall design is remeniscient of the New Adventures of Batman Batmobile, though this one is much larger, with a small armored car style windshield and a massive triangular engine exhaust port. It also features all-wheel drive, a fire- and impact-resistant body shell, forward view enhancement, and a unique anti-theft system. After soundly beating Gearhead on the road, Batman dubs the new Batmobile "a keeper."

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