The History of the Batmobile

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1968 - 1978

1969 Batmobile

Although the Batman TV series was cancelled, Batman wouldn't be off the air for long. Thanks to Filmation, Batman appeared as an animated TV character for the first time in 1968. The cartoon didn't last too long the first time around, but Filmation tried their hand at Batman again in 1977 with the new The New Adventures of Batman paired with the second-season Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle to create The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour. This new series retained most of the elements from the previous show, along with some new additions like the Bat Mite.

Though it does draw some influence from the Futura Batmobile, this car isn't as strong an homage as other cars of the time: the nose, "Coke bottle" sides and full-width tail light are clearly late-'60s items. Another unusual design combination was the single solid windshield with twin headrest designs that mimicked the rear canopies from the Futura. Other special features included a retractable jet exhaust, drag and rescue parachutes, a chain slicer, a "hover" mode, and emergency flotation pontoons.

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