The History of the Batmobile

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Teen Titans

Teen Titans Batmobile

Occasionally, the "mainline" Batman stories will venture into alternate timelines. Flashbacks, future visions, and dream sequences all provide fodder for new ideas that did not and will not actually appear. The Batmobile often appears as part of these timelines, since it is an easy way to set the time period and/or mood without requiring exposition.

In issue #17 of the Teen Titans, the Titans are accidentally shunted 10 years into a future where Bruce Wayne is dead and Tim Drake has assumed the mantle of Batman. The future is quite different from what they expected, with their future selves being much darker (including a Batman is not above killing and routinely carries the gun that killed Bruce Wayne's parents in a shoulder holster concealed under his cape). This Batmobile isn't used during the story, but appears in the future Bat Cave.

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