The History of the Batmobile

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Area 51½


From the designer:

"The 1966 Adam West Batmobile was an amazing design challenge, lego pieces were beginning to make me think that this was not possible. The car always seemed awfuly square and bulky looking until I figured out that scale was everything! The major feat was the glass, made from ordinary clear projector paper, I bent and cut it to the size I wanted. After that I just painted a thin silver stripe around the edge. After the third replica was made (to my liking, I might add) I acquired the Lego R.C. kit with 3 channels. (note the car had already a flashing rear flame from an 80's Police City kit) the RC Batmobile was born. Now capable of towing a trailer, the car is a fun replica to play with or just to marvel at." (Detail photos available on web site)