The History of the Batmobile

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Kevin Cunningham


From the designer:

"I've always had a soft spot for the Batmobile and have sketched many and rendered a few. I did this one as a rendering exercise and portfolio piece and it's composed of a very limited palette, Black Marker, Black Verithin Pencil, White Primacolor Pencil and White Guoache. I scanned it and did some color shift to it. The Batmobiles that inspire me are the First Gen from the First Two Movies, The Bisley Batmobile and the New One, the tougher it is the better, forget all colorful lights, sorry Schumacher. I'll have to do one based on the new one sometime at least a motorcycle might be cool. I've tried doing some perspective shots of this design but haven't come up with something that I really like yet. Maybe some day I'll do one in 3d, that actually sounds like fun! My dream is to get to design one for one of the movies, so if you have something to do with the movie, call me or email me!"