The History of the Batmobile

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From the designer:

"I created this Batmobile as a sort of transistion car from after the events of Batman Begins and before Batman: The Movie. It's the first actual "Batmobile" Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox designed specifically for Batman. It's powered by a V-16 in the rear for lower speeds and a 3000 hp turbine at the front for maximum speed. The Batmobile doesn't transform into the Batmissile or Batwing yet, as this is the first one designed by Fox, but the rear fins do fold down as temporary wings for a quick jump around Gotham CIty traffic. There are machine guns hidden in the hood and rockets on the rear fender flares." (Detail photos available on web site)


From the same designer as the "Fox" Batmobile, this Batmobile was inspired by the car used in the animated series. However, it was modified from the prototype in some places, such as the color and the exposed superchargers.